Industrial Renovation – Design Build of a 1,000,000 sq. ft. manufacturing / warehouse / logistics space located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Details: Converted from transmission manufacturing to food grade product manufacturing. Entire space was selectively degenerated to allow for 5000-psi pressure washing of the building interior. (2800) Light fixtures replaced. 12,000’ of 1600-amp busduct, Meggered, evaluated and repaired as needed. (4) 3000-amp Main-Tie-Main substations, evaluated and repaired as needed. (12) 3000-amp breakers retrofitted with new trip units. (56) 1600-amp breakers retrofitted with new trip units. Installation of (4) 800-Hp air compressors. Installation of (33) Paper Cup lines. Installation of (28) Paper plate lines. Installation of (2) Printing presses.

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