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DC Power Systems

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Electrical & Telecommunications Contractors

Over the past 36 years, we’ve seen it all. Our work on all sizes and types of construction projects gives us firsthand knowledge of the best way to handle yours.

We provide a full range of electrical contracting services for:

  • New Construction
  • Renovations and Tenant Improvements
  • Property Managers

DC Power Systems

Biz Com has specialized expertise in DC Telecom wiring and DC systems through our work with the leading cable and telecommunication providers in the TriState.

From the design and sizing of DC power plants, rectifiers, inverters, batteries, and wiring, we can do all of this in-house.

Preventative Maintenance

Just like annual health or dental checks, a regular infrared scan of your electrical system ensures it continues to run smoothly.

We recommend scheduling routine semi-annual infrared scans. ​By measuring the temperature differentials in your electrical equipment with infrared thermography, Biz Com can detect poor connections and other problems before they cause serious destruction and expensive, unplanned downtime.

Our electrical inspections that include substations, transformers, buss work, switchgear, disconnects, breaker panels, machine, and motor controls.

Power System Analysis

Don’t make big changes to your electrical system without running a system study.

Every time you make a significant change to your electrical distribution system, you challenge its reliability. Biz Com’s power system studies reduce these risks and help you avoid catastrophic losses. Our studies determine the magnitude of currents flowing throughout the power system at various time intervals after a fault occurs, and evaluates the size and settings of the system’s protective devices, and the circuits they protect. The end result is better protection and fewer service interruptions in your system.