Industrial & Commercial Serivces

Our ServicesWe have completed numerous projects in the Design/Build, Design Assist, and Plan Spec Market. From small projects to muliti-million ones, from industrial plants to data centers and everything between.

Below you’ll find some of the services we offer. Contact us for more information.

Design/ Build
We have experience completing design/build projects for a variety of industries, including industrial (agricultural, manufacturing, food processing), commercial (office, retail), institutional (education, medical), and multi-unit housing. In design/build construction, the power of knowledge can play a major role in ensuring the owner’s long-term satisfaction.

We use computer aided drafting (CAD) to generate working drawings for every phase. Building information modeling (BIM) helps us identify potential design and constructability problems and possible pre-fab opportunities during the planning phase. After completion of the project, a complete set of as-built drawings is given to the owner. During every step of the process, we work closely with architects, engineers, and other specialty contractors to incorporate value engineering into all designs. We ensure that the end product is the most economical and efficient structure possible.

Data Centers
We have taken a strategic role in data center design and construction. We have even gone as far as even providing plumbing and mechanical design for the client given our expertise in this segment of the industry.

DC Power System/Telecom
We have developed a niche in DC Telecom wiring and DC systems working with various cable and telecommunication providers to maintain their systems. From the design and sizing of DC power plants, rectifiers, inverters, batteries and wiring, we can do all of this in-house.

Our in-house staff most recently completed the design and installation of 22 floors of telecommunication at the new Great American tower. The design included all IDF and MDF closets, cable tray, Cat 6 cabling and the entire fiber backbone.

Arc-Flash Studies, Labeling, and Seminars
Arc-Flash studies and labeling are done using SKM software. Seminars can be provided upon request. Our staff is well trained in the NFPA 70E standard given the fact the our firm has a representative on the NFPA 70E safety subcommittee.

Coordination Studies
Every time you make a significant change to your electrical distribution system — an expansion, reconfiguration, additional load or upgrade — you challenge its reliability. Bizcom’s power system studies can help you manage the increasing complexities of maintaining a safe, reliable and efficient electrical distribution system.

Short circuit and coordination studies can reduce the risk your company faces and help you avoid catastrophic losses. The study determines the magnitude of currents flowing throughout the power system at various time intervals after a fault occurs and evaluates the size and settings of the system’s protective devices, and the circuits they protect. The end result is better protection and fewer service interruptions in your system.

By measuring temperature differentials in your electrical equipment with infrared thermography, you can detect poor connections and other problems before they cause serious destruction and expensive, unplanned downtime.

We offer…

  • routine annual or semi-annual infrared scans
  • onsite equipment assessment
  • tailored reports detailing “as found” condition and recommendations
  • electrical inspections that include substations, transformers, buss work, switchgear, disconnects, breaker panels, machine and motor controls

Emergency Services 24/7
For emergency service work contact us at our after-hours emergency service number 513-961-7200.

Other Services:

  • Leed Design and Certification
  • Power Quality Studies using Dranetz meeting
  • BIM Modeling